1. Blogo iOS Release Notes

Blogo iOS Release Notes

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Version 1.1.11

As we’re on an extermination mission, this update has been bug-oriented, and we’re pleased to announce our progress:

Fixed: annoying keyboard that wouldn’t go away when you tried to edit an image’s features has been put in its place.

Fixed: you can now “schedule” your post to an older date. Pretty confusing to backdate posts in a section called “schedule” so we’ll try to change that asap.

Fixed: no more crazy crashes when you try to subscribe to Pro or go anywhere near your profile – in iPad Pro.

Fixed: “save” and “update” buttons looking nice and neat again on iOS 9 (previously looked chopped)

Found: missing “save” button on iOS 11. Bounty goes to our brave devs.

Version 1.1.10

Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.9

Hi guys! Since we’re focusing on getting rid of bugs, we’re back with a couple of fixes!

– Fix for the bug with Blogo not loading posts from Self-Hosted WordPress blogs
– Fix for the Quick Actions bug on iPhone

Version 1.1.7

Hi, guys! We’ve been listening to what you have to say and focusing on leaving blogo spotless! So, we’re bringing an update with some fixes and improvements:

– “Send to Blogo” extension now supports more than one image
– No change on post status when there were no modifications on the documents
– Fix for double tap on words when using markdown
– Long tap menu on post list now has dynamic height
– Fix for quotes on markdown
– Taxonomies list performance improvements
– Fix for text selection when applying list formatting
– Fix for Sign Up with Google Login
– Fix for MarkDown Toolbar durability
– New system to prevent content loss when post fails to load

Version 1.1.6

Hello there! We’ve made a bunch of behind-the-scenes fixes and performance enhancements this week. Update to the latest version of the app to get them!

## Google Login enhanced
We now use native Safari View Controller. What? Keep calm. Our developers promised it’s now easier to login if you are already logged in on Safari.

## In-App Notifications:
We’ve added in-app notifications that will better assist our users in case of errors, alerts, and strange situations…

## Password Recovery:
Our last update broke the password recovery system, sorry for that. Everything is working now, and you can come back to blogging!

## Minor Bugfixes and improvements:
– We’ve fixed “Be a Pro ad” so it doesn’t hide the publish button on preview anymore.
– Layout issues when using iPad on Multitask
– Evernote posts appearing at the end of the post list
– Other minor bugfixes

Stay classy everybody.

Help & Support: https://helpcenter.getblogo.com or support@getblogo.com
News and Tips: @getblogo on Facebook and Twitter

Review and Ratings are always appreciated!

Version 1.1.5

An image is worth a thousand words, and that is why bloggers use it so much. This time we corrected and improved a series of aspects related to images. See what’s inside this update:

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed iPad multitask (split view) performance and layout issues
– Fixed issues while saving on Evernote
– Fixed scrolling after HTML code block inserted
– Fixed a bug that was preventing writing after adding image on iPhone
– Fixed image positioning on iPad

– Upload of images improved to avoid “Request Timeout” error
– “Send to Blogo” extension now accepts images from Safari
– Minor layout improvements

Version 1.1.4

Bug smashing update:
Last update mission was to highlight new features such as 3D Touch, 1Password integration, and new placeholder options. This week we change focus to bugs and app stability. See what’s inside this update:

– Fixed crash when adding images from camera
– Some other unexpected crashes

– Handoff wasn’t work correctly. It’s fixed now.
– Share & Promote and Open in Browser are now working with Medium post too.
– 3D Touch – Quick actions for Media Search is working
– 3D Touch – Cursor starts on search after quick for Media Search
– Peek n Pop – Post list scrolling was affected by 3D Touch. It’s fixed.
– Other small layout fixes

Version 1.1.3

Details that matter
Details make all the difference. Simple, efficient and lovely small things that turn a basic experience into something magical. Inspired by that we decided to deliver in addition to bug fixes, small features, and improvements that will make your heart soften. Irresistible Blogo.

New Features
– 3D Touch is now supported! Here are a few things you should try by yourself:
– Quick Actions – Firmly press Blogo icon for quick actions such as “Open Media Search”, “Open Comments”, “Edit Last Post” and “New Post”. If you love shortcuts, this is for you.
– 3D Touch + Media Search = Awesomeness – Peek and Pop any media from Media Search for actions such as “Save to camera roll”, “Copy link”, “Share” and more. Use Media Search to search, find, save, copy and share media hassle free. Let us know if liked it!
– Post List menu – Peek and Pop any post on the post list to open post actions such as “Share post”, “View on browser” and more. If you don’t have 3D Touch, simply press and hold for 2 seconds. 🙂
– 1Password integration – Who doesn’t love 1Password? We use it every day to keep our personal passwords safe and to easily sign in to different services and apps. Now you can open 1Password (and fill username/password) from Blogo login screen. A simple, but lovely detail for 1Password lovers like us.
– Image options menu on the placeholder – You can now click the gear icon on any image to edit, delete or set an image as featured. Remember you can also swipe placeholder to delete it and touch and hold to move it. Placeholders just got smarter!

Bug Fixes
– Fixed: We fixed the slowness when syncing taxonomies (tags and categories) on some blogs
– Minor Layout bugfixes

Version 1.1.2

A quick update
Fixed: Formatting bar was not showing up correctly when selecting text
Fixed: Crashes and other Media Search bugfixes


Version 1.1 – The Media Search edition

Introducing Media Search – Videos, GIFs and images with one click
How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man?
Yes, and how much time should you spend looking for content,
before you find the media for your post?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is called Media Search!

I know, I know… We aren’t that good as songwriters, but we do know how to help you become a better blogger!

Blogo – The Media Search edition is here
Media Search is the fastest way to find amazing videos, images, GIFs and music from YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy, 500px and more. Search, find and add them magically on your post.

A time-saving feature
Almost 20% of the content production time is spent looking for content. This is the average time a blogger takes to browse, edit and add images, gifs and videos in posts containing media. Not anymore. 🙂

Media Search is a Blogo Pro feature. Try it free.
Media Search is available for iPhone, iPad & Mac exclusive for Blogo Pro subscribers and you can try it free for 30 days. You can cancel your trial anytime, without any cost, no questions asked. Learn more about Blogo’s Risk-Free Guarantee at www.getblogo.com/pro

Placeholders revamped
Every time you add a new image, video, gif or music from the web, Blogo shows it inside a placeholder. With Media Search release, placeholder was revamped, and it is much smarter. Now you can change embed size, preview videos, music, and gifs straight from the editor. All you need to do is double-click the placeholder to open it, and you will see the magic happening. (it looks awesome)

Blogo 2 users: get 3 Years of Blogo Pro for free
If you purchased Blogo 2 for Mac, you have 3 years of our Pro plan for free. For both Blogo Mac and iOS. You believed in our mission since the beginning, and because of your support, we’re still here.

Every time you publish a post using Blogo, we feel honored to be part of your story. If you didn’t get it yet, send an email to support@getblogo.com, and we’ll make it happen.

Unhappy Blogo and bad reviews
We read all the reviews we receive, either 1 or 5 stars. We would like to reply, but it’s impossible through App Store, and we don’t have access to your email. If you do want to solve your problem, anger or love issues, send an email at support@getblogo.com. 🙂

Call for Bloggers
If anyone out there is interested in becoming a guest blogger on Blogo (getblogo.com/blog), drop me a line at hello@getblogo.com. You will receive all credits, and your bio will appear at the end of the post. 😉


Version 1.0.8

Media is coming
We are working on a secret feature that will help you search, find and embed amazing videos, images, gifs, and music from the best services on the web, directly to your posts. Don’t tell anyone about it or you’ll face the consequences. (‘Valar Morghulis’). ¬¬

Secrets aside, we couldn’t spend a whole week without updates. So, no more mysteries for today, check out what’s new:

Bug Fixes
Fixed: Annoying alert “Trial has ended” was showing up for new users. I think you should subscribe to Blogo Pro, but I swear that this time, it was a bug. Sorry to disturb you!
Fixed: No more trouble creating accounts using Google Login.
Fixed: Infinite loading after Facebook login error.
Fixed: Medium post options is working again.
Fixed: Medium avatar and reading time on the preview.
Fixed: Just fixed a bug which generated unwanted line breaks in Headings.
Fixed: You can now correctly paste content inside bullet lists.
Fixed: Removed “`plain from plain text codes in markdown.

Improve behavior in lists.

Call for Bloggers
If anyone out there is interested in becoming a guest blogger on Blogo (getblogo.com/blog), drop me a line at hello@getblogo.com. You will receive all credits, and your bio will appear at the end of the post. 😉

Version 1.0.7

The Hat-trick update
A hat-trick occurs in software development when a developer scores three updates in a single month.

Yes, I just made that up. But since we really shipped three updates on June (for both Mac and iOS) and I’m the boss behind release notes I thought I could use that to show our commitment to creating the best blogging app for you, week after week. 🙂

– Preview will sync across devices from now. If you use Preview on the iOS, Blogo will sync it automatically on other devices like your Mac for example.
– Evernote connection will sync across devices too. Once you connect it, Evernote integration will be available on other devices.


– We improved editor performance in Markdown mode.
– We improved editor performance when using Bluetooth keyboards.
– We are now using cached images to display synced posts


Fixed: Evernote sync wasn’t working on first opening
Fixed: Weird bug was causing preview to redirect to random page
Fixed: Blog duplication on sync
Fixed: “Trial ended” alert shown erroneously to Pro users
Fixed: Blogger scheduling is now working
Fixed: No more freeze on Blogger comments
Fixed: No more freeze on Blogger sync.
Hidden dev notes: “Blogger API should suck less”

Version 1.0.6

The hard thing about release notes… Bugs!
Yes, you read it right. I’m not happy while I write this, and the reason is simple: We found a critical bug. :/

A bug in the text editor was frozen scrolling, making it impossible to use Blogo in some devices. We fixed the problem and sent the update to the App Store as soon as possible. We are sorry for all inconvenience it caused.

– Fixed: Mr. Text editor decided to play Frozen with Mr. Scroll. Grow up both of you.

– Evernote authorization is now syncing between devices. It means you won’t need to connect with Evernote for each device you use Blogo. We just wanted to make your life easier.
– Now if you click your profile under settings, you will see a Thank You screen (if you are Pro). If you are not a Pro, then you will see the Subscription screen, and I hope you subscribe.

Version 1.0.5

– Fixed: Expedited crash fix

Version 1.0.4

Harder, better, faster, stronger
Work It Harder, Make It Better. Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger.
More Than Ever, Hour After. Our Work Is Never Over!

Our team got into the rhythm of Daft Punk and released another killing update, in a record time. Prepare yourself, play the music ( http://bit.ly/1YbRm00 ) and check out what’s new today! /o/

– New: Share your posts on social networks using Share Extensions! Just right click a post from the post list and choose “Share”. Write a beautiful and compelling message and voilá! Perfect for simple, fast sharing!
– New: Audience Booster (aka Social Mirrors) is now available on iOS! Audience booster automatically helps you syndicate your content on networks such as Medium while keeping your blog’s SEO safe. We do that by setting the canonical URL to your original blog post and believe me; this is critical to your blog’s success.

– We redesigned and improved trial and subscriptions process. Now you will see a better explanation of Blogo Pro features and also have a smoother experience to start a trial. Having said that, I’m hoping that you decide to take a look and see the changes by yourself. I wrote all the texts, so feel free to say it is amazing now.

– Fixed: Some Pro users received an erroneous message about the end of their Pro subscription. We are sorry for that inconvenience and glad to hear it was just a bug, not you leaving us…forever…alone.
– Fixed: “Wrong Medium URL” error will not bother anymore.
– Fixed: Formatting bar appearance
– Fixed: We fixed a bug preventing iPad 8.4 users from logging on Medium
– Fixed: Many small bugs on Image editor related to image linking
– Fixed: Some users reported they weren’t able to publish on Blogger and Blogo didn’t explain why. That was not polite, but it’s fixed now.

Quick note about Beta testing

Do you want to be a beta tester, help us ship a better product and make your mom proud of you? We will start a new Beta group for both iOS and Mac platforms, and we are looking for new testers who just discovered Blogo. Join our community at slack.getblogo.com and say you want to be a beta tester! 😀

Quick note about Blogo development sprints
I talked about this last week, but I believe you didn’t read it for real: from now on our sprints will be shorter than it used to be and you will see more frequent updates just like this one. By doing that, we’ll ship small fixes on a weekly basis while keeping bigger features in monthly basis updates.

Version 1.0.3 (Jun 03, 2016)

Its time for Blogo Release notes!
And yes, this also means it’s time for you to say “Oh Yeah!” since today is just a few days after our last update. Here we are again, bringing smiles to many bloggers faces out there. Check it out:

Quick note about Blogo development sprints
From now on our sprints will be shorter than it used to be and you will see more frequent updates just like this one. By doing that, we’ll ship small fixes on a weekly basis while keeping bigger features in monthly basis updates.


  • Users who canceled trial or Pro subscription were able to keep using Pro features. I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s fixed now.
  • We’ll ask if you are enjoying Blogo and having a pleasant experience. If you like it, you’ll be asked to leave a helpful feedback on the App Store (And receive good karma vibrations from our team), if not; you’ll be asked to send us a message telling us why you don’t like it (and be hated forever :D).


Bug fixes and improvements

  • We improved preview loading so you can see your beautiful post faster.
  • We improved Medium login process. Even with the fact that Medium doesn’t allow Blogo do edit drafts, we believe it should be done. Hunf.
  • Fixed: You can now copy&paste texts with links and yes, links will be preserved. Because your time is important and nobody likes rework.
  • Fixed: We now keep the original image size sent to Blogger.
  • Fixed: Chinese and Japanese keyboards weren’t working correctly when trying to edit the title. We’ve sent Blogo to school, and now it knows what you were trying to say.
  • Fixed: It was impossible to publish when “Always preview post before publishing” option was active on preferences. It is working now.
  • Fixed: We fixed “Redo” on iPad Pro keyboard. Play with Undo/Redo as much as you want.
  • Fixed: Apparently it was impossible to delete the last item in a numbered list.
  • Fixed: Pressing enter while a word is selected does not create new paragraphs anymore.
  • Fixed: Error messages in login process were very confusing. They were written by developers and made sense only to robots.
  • Fixed: We fixed some mysterious WordPress bugs responsible for making Blogo close suddenly.

Version 1.0.2 (May 23, 2016)

Can you feel the love tonight? We can.

This release is all about love, feedbacks and reviews since everything fixed or improved were suggested by you, our users.

It took almost 3 weeks to release it and that’s something we can improve too. In the next weeks, we’ll change our sprint and ship shorter updates, it makes more sense since we just launched and there’s so much thing to improve. Take a look. Our team made an awesome job on this:


  • “To sync or not to sync. That’s the question.” Choose if you want to sync your blog credentials and preferences with Blogo servers or not. ¬¬
  • Image editor will keep original image name from now on. Finally fixed!
  • You can now choose between HTML or Markdown as default output format. HTML is the default, but you can change it in Preferences>Account>Choose a Blog>Advanced.
  • Log in with Facebook and Google is now an easy one click thing
  • We’ve improved onboarding for new users
  • Now you can send a comment to SPAM. It feels good, you should try…


  • We’ve used crash reports analytics to help us see which crashes were affecting more users. We fixed almost all of them and everything will be more stable now
  • Mailto: links is now working as expected
  • Now you can have 2 medium accounts. A personal one and a business one for example…
  • Minor bugfixes in Preview
  • Now you can use passwords with &.
  • Minor layout fixes on 1/3 multitask split screen
  • Post list now syncs correctly when a new blog is added
  • Minor bugfixes on Image Editor ( some images wasn’t loading )
  • Minor bugfixes on Link editing
  • Minor layout fixes
  • App load optimized
  • Improvements in undo/redo

Recent feedbacks and reviews
Thank you so much for all reviews, tweets and emails. Even the critical ones. You are making us build an amazing product.

We hope you all like it! If you have any question or just want to share your thoughts about Blogo drop us a line at support@getblogo.com or @getblogo on twitter. Say that you read our release notes and start a conversation! 🙂

Version 1.0.1 (Apr 23, 2016)

Welcome to Blogo iOS Release Notes! o/
Hey there! Brand new release for the smartest writers in the World! We worked really hard to fix all bugs sent through our support channels and now we want some love from you. Look at your device and say “thank you guys”… Louder… Ok, now we hear you. 🙂

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Blogger wasn’t working at all. No more white screen when adding a Blogger blog. Thanks for the feedback Daud, SDeeJ and Dougrogers!
  • Fixed a crash caused by concurrent database access. Yeah, really.
  • Fixed a crash that may have affected posts actions like sync, update, and delete. Sorry for that.
  • Paste on iPad PRO doesn’t close the editor anymore.
  • No more “Empty Posts” on the post list.
  • If you change your password on WordPress, Blogo will be more polite and ask you for the new password (error 403).
  • Changing blog alias wasn’t working very well. It’s all right now.
  • Post created after first preview is properly deleted. No more laziness here.

Recent feedbacks and reviews
Thank you so much for all reviews, tweets and emails. Even the critical ones. You are making us build an AMAZING product, really.

We hope you all like it! If you have any question or just want to share your thoughts about Blogo drop us a line at support@getblogo.com or @getblogo on twitter. Say that you read our release notes and we’ll surprise you! 🙂

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