1. The Good Support Ticket

The Good Support Ticket

It’s always really easy to get support at Blogo – if you follow the steps below however, it becomes so easy it’s almost cheating.

1. Search First

For a super comprehensive search of our knowledge base, go to Google and type in site:helpcenter.getblogo.com whatever-you’re-looking-for

We have internal search, but we’re not Google.

2. Troubleshoot

Before opening a new ticket, follow this simple checklist. It helps us to solve issues much faster knowing where the issue lies, or even where it doesn’t.

1 – Are you using the latest version of Blogo? Go to the App Store and open the “Updates” tab to check if there’s any available update for Blogo. As an alternative, you can check our Release Notes for Mac or iOS.

2 – Is your blog live and working correctly? You wouldn’t believe how many times the problem is the site being down.

3 – Did Blogo showed you an specif error alert? We have a dedicated page with all errors and workarounds. You can check it here.

3. Pick a great title

A good descriptive title helps put the right staff on the case, but more importantly it helps us creating new Knowledge Base articles based on your problem! How about that, helping out other people while getting help?

4. Include All The Info

This includes information found by troubleshooting, the steps to replicate your issue, screenshots of the problem, videos and any other relevant information you can imagine.

Don’t forget to mention if you are using Blogo for Mac or iOS, what’s your device model and OS version. More info means faster solutions, keep it concise though!

5. Let us in!

Sometimes we need to investigate your blog to understand the problem. But we don’t know your blog address and we can’t enter your site without your permission.

Giving us your blog address and creating a temporary user/password for support access straight away can really help resolve issues fast.

Remember we’re real living human people

There’s a solid team of people from around the world working together to resolve any and all issues you may have with Blogo. If we don’t get it right in the first attempt, help us to get it right in the next, and the next one again. Help us to help you!

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